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The Orgastic Artist (FREE)

use your ecstatic energy to create amazing works of art

“The Orgastic Artist “ is the path that teaches you how to direct your sexual energy to manifest the art piece of your dreams. It activates and expands your ability to envision your inspiration and, accessing to the infinite space of life force, to learn how to surrender becoming a tool guided by high and sacred energies. In this space you co - create your art together with the cosmic orgastic energy.  


Free the Artist within

Shamanic Art, Creative Visualization, 

Energy Practices to increase your artistic originality

Art is a very powerful "medicine" to Free your Soul, Expand your Spirit, Reach your Full Potential and Discover unknown and precious things about yourself at Multidimensional levels.

In our full potential we are all magical, inspired, and highly creative beings! If you want to access the deepest secrets of your soul, developing your creative inspiration, join my online workshop!​


ONE to ONE online Sessions

YOU ARE YOUR OWN  Work of Art ...

Italian and English

I guide you in a journey to discover the Artist, Creative and Inspired Being that is in you. You'll make your life a UNIQUE BRILLIANT AND ORIGINAL Work of Art.
I guide you using "art as medicine for the soul", meditations/visualizations, shamanic ceremonies and other practices acquired in more than 20 years of experience, to explore and release your Creative Force to find fulfillment in everyday life.


The Enlightened Artist

Increase your Artistic Originality and Full Inspiration to create Unique Works of Art

Yes Dear Artist!

The time is now! 

Enlighten Yourself and your Art  will enlighten the world!

I know it because I’m doing it… it’s a process that goes over and over again. It’s a complete and long-lasting reset. It’s a real change into a life full of beauty, creativity, pleasure, success and inspiration. 


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Visualizzazione Creativa

5 Audio Meditazioni per Creare Opere Uniche e Straordinarie

Ogni artista può ricorrere alla tecnica della visualizzazione creativa per raggiungere diversi scopi. Potete scegliere liberamente qualsiasi tipo di immagine visualizzare, sia astratta che realistica.

La cosa importante è che l’immagine scelta sia abbastanza forte da generare delle emozioni, così da poter realizzare il cambiamento desiderato.